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This website is for SALE! Please contact us for more detail.
Contact number: +9779816162091
location: Nepal
Price: $500 “with all services:hosting and future modification included.”

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Morning Coffee

Coffee has ingrained itself in the mechanisms of so many people’s early morning routines. There is something romantic about brewing a carafe, or holding a freshly bought cup close, first thing. There is also something practical about it: Sipping piping hot caffeine as soon as possible prepares us for the day — or, at the very least, for the coming few hours.

But drinking c

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love Coffee

Five Reasons I Love Coffee

This afternoon I’ll share with you one of my few loves. You see, while I like many things, Ilove very few things. But this love makes me feel all warm on the inside and increases my heart rate (quite literally, actually). It’s an essential part of my day, it makes me who I am. In fact, it’s right up there with showering and brushing my tee

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About Us

Set your coffee shop up like a business

Yes, we know you are setting up a business because you are passionate about people and coffee and cakes and sandwiches and customer service. That is fantastic! But you are also setting up a business and it is very important that you control your business and know what it is going on.
You need to know your margins, have goals, meet deadlines, meet standards, set targets for yourself and your staff, have time to do bookkeeping, do your VAT returns, do your annual accounts, meet suppliers, do interviews, train staff, ensure you meet regulations, apply for the correct licences, stick to budgets, produce rotas, think about your marketing, look at your sales, do your banking, think of new products etc etc.There is a lot to think about. Most of these things are just a lot of fun. You will have the freedom to do these things as it is your business after all. Do think about that your beautiful coffee shop is a business as well.

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Mocha Coffee

Whether chocolate or vanilla, or you’re somewhere in between, A cappuccino mocha or a caramel queen, Rejected by the black, not accepted by the white world, And this is dedicated to them dark-skinned white girls.

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