Educated but Unemployed Nepali

Fellow students and citizens of Nepal. There is a common misconception that simply having a diploma will make you a living or add value to society. This is a myth. You have to retain the information and lessons you receive from your college. If you don’t retain the information now, then you will be in for a rude awaking when you go to find a job. You will have realized that you wasted your time and money. And have to relearn everything in order to make a living. So the lesson is simple. Just pay attention and retain the information now. It will add great value to the rest of your life. Our countries future relies on its citizens need to want to be better. The jobs need to stay here in Nepal and not go to India. It would be an offal thing to be freeloaders to the world. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs of Nepal know this.

That being said. Formal or college education will make you a living.
Self education will make you a fortune or never having to worry about the reality of money. Always be learning.

Coverage Type of Underutilization
Unemployment Time Related







under utilized

Nepal 3.6 7.2 8.8 20.4 40
Male 4.2 8.3 12.8 24.1 49.4
Female 3.1 6.4 5.8 17.6 33
Urban 12.6 6.8 13.6 30.2 63.3
Rural 2.1 7.3 8 18.8 36.3
Source:CBS Nepal Labor Force Survey 2008

Data from World Bank

A study by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Nepali youth between 15-29 reveals youth unemployment rate among university graduates is at 26.1 per cent, which is three times higher than those with ‘no education at all’. Nepal’s youth unemployment rate is at 19.2 per cent, compared to the national unemployment rate of 2.7 per cent, which appears to be low. But this is because of labour migration, expansion of the services sector and the dominance of subsistence agriculture. Majority of young people who work (92.2 per cent) are engaged in informal employment with no entitlements like basic wage, paid annual and sick leave, etc.

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