Mater the art of selling anything by Tom Hopkins

Brief sentences to save your valuable time :
“Focus on that person they will be after getting your product !”
People don’t care about your product, what people really cares about is people want to grow bigger by using/getting something out of any thing that might or might not be your product and you want them to realize that your product is exactly what they are missing in their life to get successful.

If you really want achieve a master in selling then please continue reading below:

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Q: How is your business going on ?
Ans: Unbelievable (This word covers all the situation, Best as well as worst. Because every one goes through the worst day and the best day of there business life}

* While selling your product to a potential buyer.

No one say ‘Yes’ logically, they say ‘Yes’ emotionally but they defend their choice logically.

* These are the 3 major thing you should know while convincing the buyer:
1. Believe in your product. (Able to buy your product yourself)

2. Qualified people to sale and professionally sale those people.

3. Help people make decision good for them. ( What i am doing for you is good for you ! )

* Take a statement as a fact and turn it into a question ! – tie down – a question at the end of the sentence that demands an answer ‘yes’ !

eg – investing in a quality product make sense – doesn’t it ?
don’t over us it and get pushy and controlling.

* Alternate of choice – a question with 2 answer – either of them is beneficial to seller and buyer must know the answer

Give them a choice – would you{name of buyer) like me come at your home or you come at my office? As I wouldn’t want to disturb you. They will be forced to choose.

* porcupine: Customer says, do you have x? You would say, would you like x? If they answer yes you’ve essentially closed.

This technique has a secret benefit. Suppose you have a time set in your mind to finish all your work related to that transaction and its 1 week, but you would to like them to make them a dead line suitable for them, and some time its beneficial because they might give you more the a week to do all the transaction. If they prefer with in 4 days then you can always extend the time by simply sating all the works that need to be done for that transaction which requires at lest a week.

eg: buyer – do you have a smaller size ?
seller- would you like one in the smaller size ? (porcupine)
buyer – Yes !

10 fears in sales

1. They are afraid of you. why ? They are afraid to be sold. the key is – come across as an expert advisor rather then as a salesman. They don’t have to listen to you but should be willing to listen to you
2. They are afraid of making mistake ! So in any presentation any of these making a fear statement should be covered.
3. Fear of being lied to – you should be extremely honest and truthful to have long term integrity and ethics
4. they are afraid of incurring debts. How to pore on value – because the more the value, it diminishes the feeling of debts.
5. Have Empathy! Make all the buyer and every body in the table feel like they all are important – never be little to anyone. (husband and wife – just make them both equally important )
6. They are afraid of the unknown – your whole process must be an educational process.
7. Fear because of a bad past experience. Make them secure with your presentation.
8. persuades – because we do not know much about their situation or context. When trying to persuade others to like us or another person, we tend to explain positive behaviors.
9. Pressured by third party – family telling never do that and never every do specially that .
10. Never use these words: Cost or Price (result: it’s too much/ too high), down payment (brings forth a sense of premature commitment) initial investment/payment is a better word, monthly payment should be substituted by monthly investment or amount which gives, don’t call it a contract instead call it the paperwork, agreement or form. Don’t the word ‘BUY’, they were here to see, be passionate and say the word “OWN’, people love to own thing rather then buying things but they are the same thing. Don’t say the word “SELL/SOLD’, use – get them involved / acquired. Don’t say the word ‘DEAL’, but say opportunity or transaction. Don’t say the word ‘Sign’ instead ask them to ‘Approve’ it , ‘OK’ it, authorized it or ‘endorse’ it !
11. eg: How to bypass the word sign?

1. seller- James it would like you to approve it so that we can deliver it next week.
2. buyer- ow you mean sign it ?
3. seller- “Nod your head with a smile and say: ” Fine !

* What are you doing when your closing a deal?
* Helping a client with rationalizing the decision they want to make,
* help them head off procrastination,
* help them with their fear of being sold and finally
* help them overcome indecision.

buyer- will you train me to use that machine?
seller- let me make a note to that, and writes a note. Then move to closing. (” you don’t have to say yes and start teaching them right away, but you have to teach them later not at the time of closing but when you have more free time or send someone else under you”)

* Final test closing question to buyer to test the closing time and perfect it making every one happy.

seller- James how are you feeling all this so far ? (he didn’t ask them to buy)
buyer- good !

* Reflex question then on to paper work : check these in reflex question.

1. date
2. correct spelling of the name
3. middle initial

* After you ask the final closing question after taking all the notes – “YOU MUST SHUT UP AND WAIT FOR RESPONSE”

* Handling the final answers:

When the potential buyer says ‘I want to think it over’, you just smile and say “obviously you wouldn’t want to spend all this time just to put off your decision would you?”
Now what you would want to ask- ” Just to clarify my thinking, what phase of this opportunity is that you would like to think over ? – is it the color, service, size?” – when buyer says no to all of that then simply ask a question – “Seriously level with me, could it be the money ?” because 9/10 times its money and buyer will say -“it just cost to much” then smile and ask how much do you think is too much?
Now By how much?
This is where you make what is called the ‘reduction to the ridiculous’. You divide the amount they give you to an annual number then monthly, weekly, daily and so on. Tell them that you’d be paying just an additional cent amount daily to get your dream product?
Is that too much to ask for your satisfaction? That is the art of closing.

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